USB-controlled RF switches

NoiseTech Microwaves has released its cryogenic dual USB-controlled SPDT switch and is in final stages of testing its USB-controlled room-temperature RF switches. These dual SPDT switches will come in a room-temperature and cryogenic varieties. They will improve uncertainty in noise-parameter measurements. Of course, these switches will be useful for other RF applications where controlling RF […]

Photo showing NoiseTech's cryogenic impedance generator in a cryostat

Cryogenic Impedance Generator

Above is a photo taken by researchers at the University of Calgary as they are getting ready to use NoiseTech’s cryogenic impedance generator for measuring noise parameters of a cryo CMOS LNA targeting the upgrade of the synthesis telescope operated by the DRAO, NRC.

Photo shows NoiseTech's impedance generator (IG0160C)

Impedance Generators

NoiseTech Microwaves is pleased to announce the release of its first two product lines: impedance generators and cryogenic impedance generators. NoiseTech’s impedance generators are accurate, compact, fast, and inexpensive replacements to mechanical impedance tuners. These impedance generators are used for measuring noise parameters in the frequency range from 0.1GHz to 6GHz. The cryogenic impedance generator […]