USB-controlled RF switches

NoiseTech Microwaves has released its cryogenic dual USB-controlled SPDT switch and is in final stages of testing its USB-controlled room-temperature RF switches. These dual SPDT switches will come in a room-temperature and cryogenic varieties. They will improve uncertainty in noise-parameter measurements. Of course, these switches will be useful for other RF applications where controlling RF […]

CMC’s Loan Pool

CMC Microsystems offers noise-parameter measurement solutions with NoiseTech’s Impedance Generator. Visit CMC or contact NoiseTech for more information.

Photo showing NoiseTech's cryogenic impedance generator in a cryostat

Cryogenic Impedance Generator

Above is a photo taken by researchers at the University of Calgary as they are getting ready to use NoiseTech’s cryogenic impedance generator for measuring noise parameters of a cryo CMOS LNA targeting the upgrade of the synthesis telescope operated by the DRAO, NRC.