C-IG00335C Cryogenic impedance generator

NoiseTech is proud to introduce impedance generators (benchtop and cryogenic) operating from 30MHz to 3.5GHz frequency range (p/n IC00335C and C-IG00335CT). These have the same feature as the original series of 100MHz to 6GHz units.

NoiseTech is proud to announce a new version of cryogenic impedance generators (C-IG0160CT and C-IG00335CT). These will replace the original C-IG0160C products and will provide much improved thermalization. The new impedance generators incorporate a bias-T at their output for biasing DUTs. Other new features include optional: a temperature sensor and a cold attenuator or cold termination. Custom frequency ranges are also available.

NoiseTech’s impedance generators are developed for measuring cryogenic noise parameters. Noise parameters are particularly important when optimizing the sensitivity of a receiver system or a low-noise amplifier. We have included a number of resources on noise parameters under the Resource menu in Application Notes and other resources section and in FAQ. In short, noise parameters tell us the best sensitivity that can possibly be achieved with a given circuit, unlike noise figures, which only tell what the device happens to achieve when driven with a 50 Ohm signal source.  Noise parameters can also be though of as “vector” noise figures.  By knowing noise parameters, input matching networks can be developed to optimize the sensitivity and improve the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). NoiseTech is the only supplier of cryogenic noise parameter measurement solutions.

These impedance generators are suitable for quantum computing, radio astronomy, and other applications where cryogenic circuits are used.

Other frequency ranges are available.