Over 50 institutions located in more than 20 countries are developing the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) radio telescope (www.skatelescope.org). All working collaboratively, they are building a new instrument that can answer some of the toughest questions about our Universe. This collaborative initiative also led to the beginning of NoiseTech Microwaves Ltd.

Since early 2000s, active research commenced on the development of low-noise amplifiers (LNAs). Exceptionally low-noise LNAs will increase the SKA sensitivity to 50 times that of prior telescopes. Through this work, Dr. Belostotski and his research team not only developed state-of-the-art LNAs (with noise figure below 0.2dB while operating over wide bandwidth and at room temperatures) but also achieved exceptional expertise in the field of measuring their noise figures and, more importantly, noise parameters.

Mr. Michael Himmelfarb joined Dr. Belostotski’s research team in 2012. His research focused on measuring noise parameters of nonlinear devices such as RF mixers. Out of this work, the team realized that there are optimum regions of impedance constellations that guarantee noise-parameter measurement solution. Later, we also realized that these regions are conducive to wideband noise-parameter measurements, which led to formation of NoiseTech Microwaves in 2015.

Currently, NoiseTech Microwaves is marketing impedance generators specifically for noise-parameter measurements and form a cost-effective replacement for impedance tuners. Keeping in mind the importance of low-cost, fast, accurate measurements, NoiseTech relies on a deep theoretical understanding of the problem to create simple and user-friendly solutions.

NoiseTech Microwaves is proud to release its new website; a place to learn about NoiseTech’s products and find up-to-date resources to complement our existing solutions. Check back often as we introduce new products and share our insight into the world of noise-parameter measurements, LNA optimization, and more…