Primer on Noise Parameters

RF designers often find themselves working on input power matching their circuits to a 50-Ohm signal source. The goal of this task is to develop a matching network that delivers most of the input power to the device. For that, the matching network is optimized such that the reflection coefficient presented by the network to the signal source is low (typically less than 10dB return loss) over the required frequency range.

C-IG00335C Cryogenic impedance generator

New frequency range

NoiseTech is proud to introduce impedance generators (benchtop and cryogenic) operating from 30MHz to 3.5GHz frequency range (p/n IC00335C and C-IG00335CT). These have the same feature as the original series of 100MHz to 6GHz units. NoiseTech is proud to announce a new version of cryogenic impedance generators (C-IG0160CT and C-IG00335CT). These will replace the original […]

CMC’s Loan Pool

CMC Microsystems offers noise-parameter measurement solutions with NoiseTech’s Impedance Generator. Visit CMC or contact NoiseTech for more information.

Cryogenic impedance generator installed in a cryostat

Cryogenic Impedance Generator

Above is a photo taken by researchers at the University of Calgary as they are getting ready to use NoiseTech’s cryogenic impedance generator for measuring noise parameters of a cryo CMOS LNA targeting the upgrade of the synthesis telescope operated by the DRAO, NRC.